What is combination file in Samsung Galaxy Mobile

What is combination file in Samsung Galaxy Mobile

Both Combination ROMs and combination firmware are the same , Combination firmware is only available for Samsung Android devices. Firmware is also available in free on Combinationfirmware.com

If you have a combination of firmware, no need to buy any payment tool to resolve the issue of your device, to remove the Frank Lock.
Simple flash with COMBINATION FIRMWARE, and after that ROM, through stock ROM,

Stock ROM: A default firmware that is made by the device manufacturer. Which can be downloaded from the forums or by Google.

Samsung Combination file Benefits:

  • Repair the IME number.
  • Useful in the bypass Samsung account in many models.
  • Bypassing Google Accounts in many models.
  • Downgrades in some models.
  • Enable USB debugging
  • Remove any security FRP / Re-activation lock


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