What is combination file or Combination firmware in Samsung Galaxy Mobile

Combination firmware is only available for Samsung Android devices. Combination ROMs and combination firmware are the same , Firmware is also available in free on Combinationfirmware.com

Combination file is a service firmware file. A combination file help a developer or engineer for testing Samsung mobiles hardware. It can test mobile waterproofs seal, speaker, sensor, and all hardware and software related information.

Combination file can also be used for remove or bypass Factory Reset Protection, or Google Account protection and Google Account verification.

What is Samsung combination firmware?

If you are thinking “What is Combination file in Samsung Galaxy mobile?” than i have a answer that fulfill you answer. Combination file is a service firmware for Samsung Galaxy mobile.

What is combination file in Samsung Galaxy Mobile

If you have a combination of firmware, no need to buy any Paid tool to resolve the issue of your device, to remove the FRP Lock. Simple flash with COMBINATION FIRMWARE, and after that flash through stock ROM,

What is Samsung Combination ROM?

this is not a official Samsung firmware

What is Samsung Combination Firmware?

Stock ROM is a official firmware that is made by the device manufacturer like Samsung. Which can be downloaded from the official websites.

Samsung Combination file Benefits and Advantages:

  • Repair the IMEI number in Samsung devices.
  • Very Useful in the Remove Gmail account in many Samsung models.
  • Bypassing Google Accounts in many models.
  • Downgrades Firmware version in Samsung models.
  • Enable USB debugging
  • Remove any security FRP / Re-activation lock

Samsung combination is a factory file, also called factory binary file. Below is a list of Samsung COMBINATION Codes To Check COMBINATION Compatibility.

Combination Android Version Code.

Version CodeAndroid Version
FA909.0 Android Pie 9.0
FA808.0.0 Android Pie
FA707.0 Android Pie
FA606.0.1 Android Marshmallow
FA515.1 Android Lollipop
FA505.0 Android Lollipop
FA444.4 Android KitKat
Android Jelly Bean

Combination Month Code list

Version CodeMonth
A January
C March
D April

Combination Revision Code List

Version CodeMonth
1Revision 1
2Revision 2
3Revision 3
4Revision 4
5Revision 5
6Revision 6
7Revision 7
8Revision 8
9Revision 9
ARevision 10
BRevision 11
CRevision 12
DRevision 13
ERevision 14
FRevision 15

Samsung combination file is a official service file which is created by Samsung. You can put you device into developer mode with combination firmware file. and this will help you in checking hardware and software details of Samsung device. You can test hardware parts like ROM memory, sensors, front/rare camera, back camera, RAM memory, Waterproof. You can also diagnose you Samsung device with combination ROM.

Most Question Asked:

What is combination file Samsung? or What is a combination file?

Samsung combination is a factory file, also called factory binary file.


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