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Latest Combination file

COMBINATION FAC FA80 J737PVPU3ASD1 Samsung J737P U3 COMBINATION FAC FA80 J737PVPU3ASD1 file is a service firmware for Galaxy J737P. Factory Binary 3 with Android Oreo 8.0.0 and Security Patch Level U3. Released in month April year 2019 and PDA J737PVPU3ASD1 created for Region/Country with .  Samsung J737P combination binary 3  Samsung J737P U1 combination file  Samsung combination...

Samsung Gear Watch R815, R810, R760 Combination File

Download Samsung Gear S3 Frontier R815 R805 R810 R365 R750 V700X R760 Combination file with Security Patch U1, U2, U3, U4. (Factory Binary level) S1, S2, S3, S4. We have Large Collection of Samsung combination files All Combination Firmware ROMs are...

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

ModelModel namePDAPatch LevelandroidVersionmonthyearchangelistDownload Link
T727Samsung Galaxy Tab S5eT727JXU1ASD3Android Oreo 9.0FA90April2019ch Combination FA90 T727JXU1ASD3
T727Samsung Galaxy Tab S5eT727JXU1ASD1Android Oreo 9.0FA90April2019ch Combination FA90 T727JXU1ASD1
T725Samsung Galaxy Tab S5eT725XXU1ASD1Android Oreo 9.0FA90April2019ch Combination FA90 T725XXU1ASD1
T725Samsung Galaxy Tab S5eT725XXU1ASC6Android Oreo 9.0FA90March2019ch Combination FA90 T725XXU1ASC6
T720Samsung Galaxy Tab S5eT720XXU1ASD1Android Oreo 9.0FA90April2019ch Combination FA90 T720XXU1ASD1
T720Samsung Galaxy Tab S5eT720XXU1ASC8Android Oreo 9.0FA90March2019ch Combination FA90 T720XXU1ASC8
T720Samsung Galaxy Tab S5eT720XXU1ASC6Android Oreo 9.0FA90March2019ch Combination FA90 T720XXU1ASC6