How To Make Combination File | Samsung Free

This tutorial is about how To Make Combination File | Samsung Free or ADB-Enabled firmware for Samsung Galaxy mobiles. this file can unlock FRP lock.

How To Make Combination File | Samsung Free

Today I’m going to show you how to create a combination file for your Samsung device and how you can use the combination file for a bypass Google Account on your Samsung device. This method also removes the pin lock and password lock on your Samsung device. Without full access, you can bypass FRP lock to make combination ROM.

Just follow our steps fully and carefully. If you want more information about this topic, please comment on the comment section – our team is always ready to help you because we can …

Our team is not responsible for any kind of damage to your device. So try it at your own risk. Make sure you can back up your personal data completely on the device and battery. This method is not only for the theft but for the person owner.

How to Make Combination file with FRP Hijacker

1. Download your mobile stock ROM from also download the FRP Hijacker. Extract the FRP hijacker and open the FRP Hijacker device.

Now Click on the SAM TOOLS

select sam tools to create combination file

2. in SAM TOOLS tab “combination file select field” click on three dots button to select Samsung galaxy combination file.

3. Click on create file button it will ask you to the directory to save combination file.

4. Type the name of the file to save the combination file.

5. Click ok button it will show you the “Creating ADB-Enabled firmware”.

6. Now the ADB-Enabled firmware has been created the file can be found in the same directory where you saved.

combination file created


  1. hi the file is password protected

  2. tell me the file name

  3. frp hijacker

  4. no combination file for the SM-G960U1UES2ARF4??

  5. hi. no combination sm- A750f u1

  6. Would you be interested by exchanging hyperlinks?

  7. yes

  8. Go to recovery mode you will see PDA like (G9650ZCU2ARC7) on the top of the screen. here G9650ZCU2ARC7 U2 is binary level just select a combination G9650ZCU2 and flash the device. read full article

  9. i would like to request G965WVLS3ARJ6 comb rom.
    please pm me.

  10. hi i need combination file for g-950wvlu5brj2 im having issues with finding the right file.

  11. i need Combination ROM File G9650ZHU3ARK3 s9+ pls


  13. Request noted.

  14. Request noted.

  15. Hi can you please help with combination file for S8 g950fxxu4dsba_g950fops4ds_bb_ops is stock firmware I use but Google frp remains if you can help it be much appreciated. I thanks Ben

  16. I need combination file for g960wvlu4

  17. i need sm-g930w8 u4 or u3 combination rom i currently am opn u5 and there is no u5 lolipop firmware to downgrade to by pass frp its a massive headache

  18. provide complete pda version

  19. hi. i would like the combination rom for NOTE 9 N9600, PDA N9600ZHS2CSE1.

  20. Can you please tell me how I can make a combination file with Linux?

  21. PLZ combination for J530FXXU4BSC2_J530FPHE4BSC1_PHE

  22. Hi I woul like the combination rom for Galaxy J 5 (2017) J530FXXU4BSC2

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  28. I need combination file for A320FLxxS3CRK3 HELP PLEASE.

  29. i need combination file for sm-g935f u6

  30. Hola me ayudarías con un combination bit 5 para G610M le agradecería demasiado

  31. I need combination file for G960WVLS5CSEA
    Please help me highly appreciate

  32. bonjour, je ne trouve pas le fichier de combinaison pourun galaxy s7 SM-G930FXXS1BPK1. merci d’avance

  33. A320xl combination file for a320flxxs4csg2?

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  35. Por favor o arquivo com o binary 5

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  37. I don’t usually comment but I gotta say thanks for the post on this amazing one : D.

  38. Hello, I can’t find the combination file for g950fxxs5dsi1, and the FRP Hijacker got a trojan in it

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  40. I need a combination file for G965USQS7CSJ9 I’d be willing to create my own but I have zer0 idea how to do that.

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