Samsung C5 Pro ( C5000 C5010 C5018 ) Combination File

Download Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro C5010 C5018 Combination file with security patch (Binary level) U1, U2, U3, U4. We have Large Collection of Samsung combination files. All Combination ROMs are free to download. Always check Device model number security Patch level and binary version before downloading the file.

Combination Firmware is customize service firmware for the Samsung Devices to check the hardware, waterproof and other security. It helps in enabling ADB and OEM unlocking.

SAMSUNG GALAXY C5 PRO Combination Firmware

Similar models Combination Files

C5010 Combination Files ( Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro )

Download LinkModelPDAFactory BinaryAndroidVersionMonthYearChangelistPatch Level
C5010 U1 Combination File C5010ZCU1AQD1C5010C5010ZCU1AQD1U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60April20171April
C5010 U1 Combination File C5010ZCU1AQB4
C5010C5010ZCU1AQB4U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60February20174February
C5010 U1 Combination File C5010ZCU1AQD3
C5010C5010ZCU1AQD3U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60April20173April
C5010 U1 Combination File C5010ZCU1AQG2
C5010C5010ZCU1AQG2U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60July20172July
C5010 U1 Combination File C5010ZCU1AQL1
C5010C5010ZCU1AQL1U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60December20171December
C5010 U1 Combination File C5010ZCU1BQL3
C5010C5010ZCU1BQL3U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60December20173December
C5010 U1 Combination File C5010ZCU1BRE2
C5010C5010ZCU1BRE2U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60May20182May
C5010 U1 Combination File C5010ZCU1CRG8
C5010C5010ZCU1CRG8U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60July20188July
Request File C5010ZCU2CRJ1
C5010C5010ZCU2CRJ1U2Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60October20181October
Request File C5010ZCU2CRK1
C5010C5010ZCU2CRK1U2Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60November20181November
Request File C5010ZHU1AQC4
C5010C5010ZHU1AQC4U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60March20174March
Request File C5010ZHU1AQG5
C5010C5010ZHU1AQG5U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60July20175July
Request File C5010ZHU1AQK2
C5010C5010ZHU1AQK2U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60November20172November
Request File C5010ZHU1BQL5
C5010C5010ZHU1BQL5U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60December20175December
Request File C5010ZHU1BRC1
C5010C5010ZHU1BRC1U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60March20181March
Request File C5010ZHU1CRH1
C5010C5010ZHU1CRH1U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60August20181August
Request File C5010ZHU2CRK1
C5010C5010ZHU2CRK1U2Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60November20181November

C5018 Combination Files ( Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro )

Download LinkModelPDAFactory BinaryAndroidVersionMonthYearChangelistPatch Level
C5018 U1 Combination File C5018ZMU1AQD1C5018C5018ZMU1AQD1U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60April20171April
C5018 U1 Combination File C5018ZMU1AQD6 C5018C5018ZMU1AQD6U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60April20176April
C5018 U1 Combination File C5018ZMU1AQG1 C5018C5018ZMU1AQG1U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60July20171July
C5018 U1 Combination File C5018ZMU1AQL1 C5018C5018ZMU1AQL1U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60December20171December
C5018 U1 Combination File C5018ZMU1BQL5 C5018C5018ZMU1BQL5U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60December20175December
C5018 U1 Combination File C5018ZMU1BRB2 C5018C5018ZMU1BRB2U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60February20182February
C5018 U1 Combination File C5018ZMU1BRG2 C5018C5018ZMU1BRG2U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60July20182July
C5018 U1 Combination File C5018ZMU1CRH2 C5018C5018ZMU1CRH2U1Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60August20182August
Request File C5018ZMU2CRI1 C5018C5018ZMU2CRI1U2Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60September20181September
Request File C5018ZMU2CRK1 C5018C5018ZMU2CRK1U2Android Marshmallow 6.1.2FA60November20181November

Combination Firmware Benefits

  • It enables to service menu to test the Samsung device. Read full information about Samsung mobile.
  • Enable to downgrade the android version.
  • Can unlock the factory device protection ( FRP Lock ) or Google Account.
  • Can fix the device does not have the key-DRK issue.
  • Fix stuck or stopping in recovery mode.
  • Combination Firmware can Fix stopping or Stuck on Samsung logo.
  • Fix IMEI number with combination firmware.

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